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Teenagers Who Engaged in Premarital Sex

Teenagers nowadays are very experimental and very aggressive. They thought that premarital sex is just a joke after all. Teenagers don’t think about their future, dreams, parents and studies when they are doing the act.

For me, I would not consider premarital sex as an act of love.  It will destroy everything you have – the trust from your parents, your dreams and your studies. Pregnancy is a result from premarital sex. Pregnancy is a very big responsibility to handle. Being a young mother and young father is not an easy task. It takes all your effort to afford the necessary things that the mother and the baby need.

Premarital sex is a mortal sin. It is taught that people should have sex after the sacrament of matrimony.

Teenagers who are pregnant thought of a solution, the ABORTION. But abortion is not a good idea because it is against the Philippine Law and the Catholic Church, indeed it is an act of killing an innocent child.

For my opinion, don’t hesitate to say NO if you are invited to do the act before marriage.








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