Blog created: May 16, 2011

Started blogging: March 7, 2012 (For project)

It took me almost ONE YEAR to use this site.



Maybe because, I really think a lot.



At first, this site is for my project in English Writing subject in College. We were asked to put our compositions to a blog, that’s why this is made.

You can see my several first posts regarding my project here:


But when summer vacation came, I had nothing to do, so I decided to make this blog my personal space. At that time, I was really hooked with You’re Beautiful (Korean Drama), so I thought of putting the drama’s OST here — lyrics, translations, some pictures and the download links for the songs.

Then I started putting other music/songs that picked up my interest, and even providing a download link for the visitors. But it doesn’t last long, my online storage deleted my account because of DMCA Complaint (I think, it’s about the copyright). Well, it is really a must to buy the album than illegally downloading them. (I learned my lesson.) So that’s why, I just provide the lyrics and the translation (If  it is a Japanese or Korean song).

I also put my reviews about some shows, movies and books.

Basically, I post anything that tickles my fancy. ^o^




Just got back from my hiatus.

Yey! Kanpaii!!

Took me almost one year to post again and update my site due to studies with haggardness, laziness and other stuffs.


March 2014

 I’ve been posting some of my assignments in Art Appreciation like poem, reaction paper and the like.

Finally, its vacation~! I hope that I can post often here :))

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