Thoughts of Him

Wrote on: 05/19/14 11:06PM

… aah, there it is.. the star.

I saw him again, he had his hair cut. I love it.
After almost 2 months of not seeing him, I saw him. I saw him with his co-professor. Aaah, yes, a professor. He’s my professor, and I almost forgot about that.. (11/19/14)

I greeted him, he responded momentarily, then I asked if he’s not going to transfer anymore, and he said he’s not. What a relief, I thought he would. My heart skipped a beat. I’m feeling it again, the feeling of love that I have for him ever since he became my prof for 2 consecutive semesters.

I don’t know what to feel, I’m excited and at the same time, confused… I thought there’s nothing anymore, but yet there is. What a confusing heart I have…

Fine, I’ll say it. I’m inlove with him. I loved him. I love him. LOVE(D), as my mind says.

I had a crush on him ever since I saw him enter our room. I thought he’s going to be my classmate, “it will be great!”, I said to myself.

Then suddenly, he introduces himself, he’s our prof. Yes, my prof! What the hell?! What in the world?! He’s 26 (27 now), single, graduated from the university nearby our school and MY PROF. How unlucky I am…

Then there. We had our class/es as days passes by. I found him cool to be a prof, no, “too young” to be exact. He’s emitting a strong aura that his still a “binata”, that he likes music, having always an earphone plugged on his ears whenever his alone or not teaching..

Though my friend doesn’t see him that way, coz he’s an easy-going prof, after he discussed our lesson, there it is, he’s done. Though sometimes he’ll give seatworks /quizzes and assignments. He’s not strict! And as if he doesn’t want what he’s doing..

Then i realized that i have a special feelings on him. Aaah, inspiration to attend his class though he’s somehow a boring prof.

Well, I’m thankful to him, I had a good grade from him. Thanks sir!!

2nd sem came, I’m praying hardly that he will be our prof so that it will be somehow/somewhat “petix” mode. *evil grin*

Then God answered my prayers, yes! It’s him! Aaaah, I’m going to see him often again. What a relief again… somehow..

Well, it goes like this. I’m not the only one seeing him that way. I discovered few girls eyeing on him. Oh no! I need to be alert! I’m the first one to knew him! I’m his first student from our block last sem! He’s mine.. *selfish*

This time, i can talk to him often, asking questions then sometimes asking some out-of-the-lesson questions. I can even joke with him, somehow.. What a wonderful feeling, I can feel it.

Yeah! This it, I love him! What a complicated feeling it is..

My world is going crazy, I’m thinking of him every now and then…

I often “tambay” in our faculty just to get a glimpse of him, I often stalk him in person or in FB, even waiting for him to go home.. I’m inlove, there’s no doubt about it..

I often think that maybe, somehow he knew that I’m eyeing on him, that i have a feelings for him… nevermind about that.. haha

But somehow, I knew in myself that this is impossible. It’s impossible for him to return my love. A student-professor relationship is a big NO-NO! It can’t be..

The last time I saw him is in our last day of school. Then, I just let myself be contented in stalking him on FB. It’s enough.

Then my feelings subsided. I need to rest, i need my heart to rest from him.

Then, yes, there it is again..
(from the top!)

❤ ❤ ❤






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