Reaction Paper: Dead Poets Society

** We were asked to write a reaction paper for the movie Dead Poets Society as a project for Art Appreciation 🙂 **



Dead Poets Society


The story itself is very interesting. Though at first I thought it was just about a teacher doing his job or about a student who chases his dreams or an organization about poetries and the like, but it fooled me because there is still more into it

The setting though very vintage, for me, it perfectly fits to the story. Old kinds of houses, buildings, cars and technology give me a peek of what kind of life they have in their time. It reeks a very refreshing atmosphere.

Mister Keating is a very unpredictable person. He has interesting techniques in teaching the students. For me, he is the kind of professor who will make it to the point to use everything around him to be his teaching subject or tool. He is the very teacher you want to have even once in your schooling period.

The students represent every kind of students in a school. They have their own characteristics that best describes them.

Each of them has their own problems; the pressure from parents, the parent-child problem, the problem of being a wallflower, the problem of being inlove, the problem of doing things they want and doing things they don’t want, the rough path of chasing their own dreams, the making and the ending of friendship and dealing with loss.

They showed the struggle of every student encountered during their teenage years.
The background music used is very catchy, though sometimes gloomy. The background music is very appropriate for the given scenes. It can really set up the mood of the viewers.

Carpe Diem
Sound unfamiliar. That is because carpe diem is not a common word to use during typical conversations.

The very scene that moved me is when Mr. Keating asked his students to walk their own path (01:01:29). For me, this is the one of the first steps in chasing your own dreams.
Chasing your dreams is very difficult especially when your parents don’t approve of your dreams and they are the one who hinders you for chasing them.

There will come in time when you will be asking yourself of what you really want to do. Though sometimes you thought that is what you want, but sometimes it’s not.
For me, the suicide in the movie is not the solution, though it gave way to the closure of the story.

The movie shows also that teaching is not a profession it is a vocation. It showed how a teacher affects a student.

For my own opinion, the movie wants to deliver a message about living your life to the fullest.

“Seize the day even if it kills me!”




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2 thoughts on “Reaction Paper: Dead Poets Society

  1. What a shit-film; it just perpetuates all sorts of cliches about poetry and art, not to mention the fact that the movie itself is just one worn-out trope after the other about a teacher that touches his students. My reaction the first time watching this movie was that it sucked my balls. Oh yeah and the teacher’s name is Mr. Keating! Fuck this movie!

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