Bright Star

We were asked to compose a poem. An activity on Art Appreciation.

Bright Star

Eunice Nicole Dalay

Whenever I see a bright star

I always wonder who you are

Always asking myself, “What is your name?”

And I feel that myself is going insane


The first time I saw you

I know there is something in to you

Something that only my eyes can see

Whenever I think about it, I go crazy


Every time I look up in the night sky

It always makes me want to fly

That gives me hope that I can reach you

Though it seems impossible for me to do


Not every time I can see a bright star

And that gives me a deep scar

It makes my heart always cry

As if anytime I will die


And a once in a lifetime chance came

I put away all of my shame

I got to know who you are

Now I conclude, you’ll always be my bright star

❤ ❤ ❤

**Credits to the owner of the photo.**


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