GeunShin Club International


What prepation did you have to make for the role?



Prior to shoot.I had to practice dancing and learned ballet dancing.I also had to go on a diet.I met new people and made some really good friends when im still keep in touch with.


~ sukkie start practice dancing? ohhh.. and who is the one who trained him? ahhh..I think we had the same thought.hahak^^ Do you believe that his wifey is the one who trained suk? for me I BELIEVE that shin hye [wifey] trained him..hehe.. remember in YAB? when an.jell dance? wearing wonder girls costume?and ohh. in YAB BTS shin hye always dance, she even teach hongki and taekyung..and remember when AN.JELL rehearsing? suk and hye “DANCING THE SHUFFLE DANCE ON STAGE” hmmn.. and in an.jell interview for mook magazine. they said that shin hye is the one who can dance well, she is…

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