Mook 21 Interview with Jang Keun Suk and Park Shin Hye

Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye had an interview with Mook 21 magazine, 
a Japanese publication. The following is an excerpt from their interview.
It is clear that the two of them are good friends (but we don’t think 
anything more than that… although they’re pretty generous with the compliments)... ^^

Mook: We heard that you guys are very close, do you see each other often?
Jang Geun Suk (JGS): Actually if I walk from my home to Shin Hye’s, I only 
need 5 minutes. However no matter how many times I have said, “Come to my
house to play!” she doesn’t come.
Park Shin Hye (PSH): I didn’t say that!!
JGS: My mother loves Shin Hye very much.
PSH: His mother really likes me, next time I will visit his place for sure.
Mook: I understand that you two had worked together once before because of 
a famous cosmetics brand’s CF. Do you still remember how it was like when you 
first met?
PSH: I remember that the first time we met was at the costume fitting, but 
before that CF, oppa and I already had starred in a mini drama before. 
From a long time ago, I had already heard that he “has a very handsome 
face, is very hardworking at learning how to act, and is a very friendly 
person.” When we first met, I was a little nervous, but Geun Suk oppa was 
very friendly to me.
JGS: Actually when she first saw me, I think she must have thought that 
I didn’t have any image at all! (laugh)
PSH: I did not! He was very handsome, therefore I was very shy and didn’t 
know what to say or do.
JGS: Why?
PSH: Because you’re too handsome!
JGS: Hmm… you’re not kidding are you?
Mook: So during this time’s filming, have you found anything new about 
each other?
PSH: Oppa has a perfect image, but he also has some easily-spotted defects.
JGS: Haha.
PSH: But he is really outstanding at acting. However busy he is, 
he never takes a break from learning acting skills. So I am really 
thankful that I have a chance to work with him. Moreover he always 
takes care of the younger ones.
JGS: But I also frequently forget my lines.
PSH: Sometimes when I saw that he had forgotten his lines, but still 
talk on the phone at the filming venue, I would scold him angrily.
JGS: (laughs) I was always being scolded.
PSH: During the filming, whenever there was a free time, oppa would 
text a certain someone nonstop. So I was trying to stop him from 
using his cel phone at the filming place.
JGS: (serious) No, I was actually discussing with the producer about my 
character, but was always said by her that I was doing this doing that. 
Ah I couldn’t tell her everything that I was doing, right?
PSH: Don’t lie. I am sure that person was not the producer.
Mook: After seeing the filming venue, did you have a completely new outlook?
PSH: When all ANJELL members got together getting ready to film at the 
5m deep swimming pool, Hong Ki, Yong Hwa and I thought that there were 
safety equipment and measures around, so we were pretty relaxed. 
But Geun Suk oppa was asking around nonstop about things like, 
“What if accidents happen? What should we do?”
JGS: I was preparing for any emergencies, because I thought I was 
responsible. The three of them didn’t think about these kinds of 
things and were yelling: “Let’s go play happily!” while jumping 
into the pool. So I was frantic and thought that I must analyze the 
potential dangers before getting in. In case something dangerous 
happens, like those in movies, I could give my oxygen tank to others.
PSH: Sometimes he looks like a top student, but sometimes he also 
surprises me with his silliness.
JGS: Ah…haha.
PSH: This also led me to give bonus points to oppa, and has increased
his charisma and attractiveness. I resent people who are too perfect. 
Although Geun Suk oppa is very perfect, he is also very silly sometimes 
– this resembles Hwang Tae Kyung. After meeting oppa, I feel that 
under these circumstances, oppa becomes more attractive. This is a compliment.
JGS: Thank you for earnestly complimenting me. Before this, many people 
recommended letting Park Shin Hye to take up the role of Go Mi Nam. 
Actually, when I heard that it was confirmed to have Shin Hye starring 
as Go Mi Nam, I started to look forward to it. Surprisingly, she let 
me see many shining opportunities and talent, so I felt very secure 
working with her. Among the ANJELLs, Shin Hye is the only girl, we 
thought that she would find it hard to fit in, but she fit in 
seamlessly and could portray her character very well. Thanks to her, 
everyone could happily finish the shooting.
She is hardworking and an earnest learner. She is much better 
than me at this. I remember that she would give me scary glares when 
I was goofing around. Looking at her serious attitude at acting, 
I admire her. I told myself that I had to work harder at portraying my 
character – couldn’t let Shin Hye defeat me.
PSH: (putting on an adorable face) I was only looking at oppa’s face, 
wanting to catch up with him.
JGS: Whoa! What a scary kid!
Mook: During the filming at the supermarket, Jang Geun Suk reached his 
maximum exhaustion and slept while standing for the very first time. 
Are there secrets that are only shared between the two of you?
PSH: Secrets between us… I think there aren’t.
JGS: There are no barriers or boundaries between us, we tell each 
other everything. Rather than ‘secrets’, we have a lot of interesting 
PSH: Ah! I remember! Remember last time you sang Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback”?
JGS: (laughs) During the time the whole lot of us dined together, right?
PSH:We had a party after the filming ended, all the cast and crew went 
to sing karaoke. There were too many people, so we had to split into 
groups and divided into different rooms. At that time, oppa looked drunk. 
He was singing Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback” while dancing Rain’s 
shirtless dance, showing off his stomach muscles. He went to each
room and danced the same routine, like a concert tour!
JGS: However, at that time I did not have any muscles – 
that was the problem.
PSH: Every time oppa drinks alcohol, his mood becomes very good. 
He danced… very well.
JGS: Really?
PSH: For me, even if people told me to dance, I would be too shy 
to do so. Oppa really is the best mood-arousing person.
JGS: That’s because when I drink I become crazy, yeah? (smiles)
PSH: Let’s talk about something else…
JGS: “Something else” means…?
PSH: Uhhh…. the supermarket! Suddenly everything becomes clear now!
JGS: (laughs) While we were filming at the supermarket…
PSH: At that time we hadn’t slept for around a week… 
At that time the four of us nearly couldn’t open our eyes any longer. 
Besides, oppa had to film a CF the day before. So during the filming,
when he finished his line and the director yelled, “Cut!” he would 
immediately fall asleep while standing… (laughs)
JGS: It was my first time sleeping while standing up.
PSH: A completely exhausted Geun Suk oppa, it was my first time seeing 
him like that.
JGS: After that I didn’t let anyone see me like that anymore. 
A completely exhausted me, I was so tired that day.
PSH: The director and the crew were all like, “Geun Suk! Just a 
few more lines!”
JGS: I couldn’t hear any of their voices. (laughs)
Mook: We heard that the ANJELLs are very close, during the 
filming many nicknames were given to you guys.
JGS: Yes, about the nicknames, Shin Hye knows about them most clearly.
PSH: Geun Suk oppa said that his dream type of girl is 
“with good taste at things and like a good mother, like the 
women from the Renaissance period.” If you look at him closely, 
you will see his British duke-like side. So I call him 
“Mr. Renaissance,” “Renai-Jang” in short. At first oppa looked 
forward to seeing me as his dream type of woman, but instead of 
that he saw a cheerful and bubbly me, and called me “Avant-artist type,” 
therefore I earned the nickname “Avant-Hye.” Hong Ki is originally a 
shining star, so he’s “Hong-Star”! As for Yong Hwa, because he is very 
quiet… Although he doesn’t talk much, he is hardworking and down to earth. 
But he also has times when he puts down his quiet self and reveals 
his true self. Like an onion so the more you look at him, the more 
attractive you think he is.
JGS: Because some BTS are recorded and published, so we didn’t want 
to wreck our images by calling each other the real nicknames we have 
for each other. As a result we made up those four nicknames. (smile)
Mook: Who always had the script in his/her hands during the filming?
PSH: Yong Hwa?
JGS: Yeah – Yong Hwa. As a newbie he was determined to control 
his weaknesses. Without a good feeling, he thought that he 
couldn’t act well. Yong Hwa knows what he is weak at. Born and 
raised in Pusan, he has to overcome great difficulties in changing 
his accent. It is very challenging, but no matter how difficult it is, 
he works very hard to overcome the difficulties.
PSH: Yong Hwa has a lot of patience. When I reached a certain point 
that I wanted to give up during the shooting, he was the one who saved me. 
A dangerous and superb person!
Mook: Who is the most interesting person?
PSH: Hong Ki?
JGS: Lee Hong Ki!
PSH: A very hilarious and enthusiastic person.
JGS: Hong Ki is a weirdo! (laughs) He always says ridiculous things. 
For example, he always says something like, “Geun Suk oppa likes me 
very much!” and always asks me how to become someone like me. 
So annoying! He says things that I can’t even remember. 
Sometimes I even questioned whether he had drunk alcohol before going 
to the shooting venues! (laughs)
PSH: Geun Suk oppa, me and Yong Hwa are all A-blood type people, only 
Hong Ki is AB. So the three of us are all very normal, only Hong Ki 
is special. (laughs) But it wasn’t only Hong Ki – all of us could be 
hilarious and lift the mood easily, so there was always laughter.
JGS: When we had to grasp the true feelings of our characters, we 
wouldn’t say funny things. But during all other times, all the cast 
and crew were laughing so hard along with us. It was really funny.
Mook: Who can eat the best?
PSH: Me?
JGS: Shin Hye! She eats a lot of healthy food that’s good for the body.
PSH: Rather than saying that I eat a lot…
JGS: It’s better to say that she eats healthily.
PSH: I try my best to eat food that’s is good for my health.
JGS: Not those yogurt or dairy products, but those that could be 
stored in a lunch box and brought to the shooting venue. When the 
filming ended, all the ANJELL members went on a skiing trip. During 
that time, Shin Hye cooked breakfast for us every day.
Mook: There are a lot of scenes with Tae-Kyung and Minam together, 
which of these scenes have put in the most emotions and feelings?
PSH: The scene where Minam witnesses Tae Kyung and Heyi kissing. 
Although I knew that the two of them were only pretending, when I 
saw it, I felt as if my chest hurt as much as Minam. My mind was 
blury, I didn’t know what to think. I asked myself, “Why am I like this? 
Have I really become Minam?” At that time, I really cried.
JGS: For me, it is the scene in which Tae Kyung holds onto Minyeo’s 
hand in Okinawa, but Minyeo still went away. I thought, “If I really 
let her go like this, maybe we’ll never meet again.” My chest hurt. 
I really hated myself, because I was going to apologize to Minyeo 
and beg her to stay, but I couldn’t do it. I felt very lost at the 
departure of Minyeo. Tae Kyung usually cried out loud when he was sad, 
but at that moment, I was too sad to even cry, I could only tremble.
PSH: We both have stored the chest-hurting feeling deep down in our 
hearts as memories.
Mook: We would also like to hear about the funny imaginary scenes. 
What are your most memorable imaginary scenes?
JGS: The next morning after Manager Ma gave the taser to Minam. 
The scene in which I saw Minam lying on my body, imagining wildly, 
that scene.
PSH: And the wedding scene in which I wore the bridal dress!
Mook: (to Geun Suk) How did you feel when you saw Shin Hye wearing the bridal dress?
JGS: Really, really beautiful. Fits her very well!
PSH: Hahaha!
JGS: Really. Although every woman looks pretty when she wears a bridal dress, 
it fits Shin Hye very well. Yesterday I rewatched You’re Beautiful
starting from episode 12 to the last one. You look beautiful 
in the dress even on TV. Yelling “Oppa!” while running towards me, 
oh don’t mention how cute that face is!
PSH: (smiles shyly)
Mook: How did you feel wearing the dress?
PSH: Actually I was very nervous and excited, but in that situation 
I had to wear the dress and run after Tae Kyung… it was quite amusing.
Mook: You guys said that the garden in which the wedding scene was 
filmed is very beautiful and memorable.
PSH: That is a place that I never want to remember.
JGS: It was so cold that I felt like I was freezing to death.
PSH: That day was really cold. On the contrary, Okinawa was very warm. 
We were lucky.
JGS: But I don’t have special thoughts on Okinawa…
PSH: Same here. Two hours after we arrived, the shooting started. 
We didn’t even have time to take a rest, it was very tiring.
JGS: Oh yeah, that scene in which I saved Minam in the pool, 
although the scene only lasts for a short time, we had to dive into 
a 5M deep pool and filmed for 2 weeks. At that time I felt that the 
pool was very cold and very scary. When I got out of the pool, 
I was so tired that I couldn’t move.
Mook: Jeremy’s dog Jolie looks like she doesn’t like to be hugged by Jeremy.
JGS: Haha, that’s a very direct question. When the dog arrived at the 
filming venue, it didn’t want to be hugged.
PSH: At first, Jolie liked to be hugged, but as the shooting time got 
longer, she didn’t want to be hugged. Maybe she felt the stress.
JGS: But Jolie seemed to like Shin Hye a lot.
PSH: Haha – that’s because I always gave her food to eat, so our 
relationship improved.
JGS: But Jolie felt a lot of pressure when she saw the cameras. 
When the filming nearly ended, Jolie ran out to the road when the crew 
wasn’t paying attention – scared us all.
Mook: After the filming ended, what do Geun Suk usually chat with Shin Hye about?
JGS: Actually we didn’t have many opportunities to chat, 
because after the filming ended, it was New Year’s time. I had a 
lot of work. I wished to have activities and work with ANJELLs but 
sadly I mostly had individual work. So it turned out that ANJELLs 
were usually performing individually instead of as a group. 
For example, Shin Hye and Yong Hwa needed to host the SBS Music 
Awards, I needed to host the Drama Awards, and I also gave out 
awards to the other three ANJELLs. Although my schedule looked like I 
could have a lot of time hanging out with the three of them, we didn’t 
really sit down and chat until everything ended and we went on a skiing 
trip together. Sadly, Yong Hwa didn’t go because he had to work.
PSH: I also felt very sick after the filming and stayed home to sleep.
JGS: Yes, yes. Shin Hye seemed like she still hadn’t come out of her 
Minam character. When I knew that, I didn’t contact Shin Hye for some times.
PSH: I think Minam resembles me. It was the first time trying so hard 
to come out of a character. During that period of time I really wanted 
to see the other three, but I thought if I met them I would pass on my 
negative feelings to them so I didn’t contact them.
JGS: Because I am very close to Shin Hye’s manager, I heard that Shin Hye 
was very unhappy, as she had been living as Minam for three months. It was 
hard for her to come out of the character. Although the drama has ended, 
we still have a lot of opportunities working together. Plus we live very 
near, so chances are that we’d bump into each other in the streets. 
That’s why I thought I should give Shin Hye some time on her own, 
to face her true self, so during that period of time I purposely did 
not contact her. Recently I heard that Shin Hye has successfully come 
out of her character, so I am very happy for her.
PSH: Yes, yes, especially during December 2009, that month was 
especially hard for me.
JGS: Yes, I knew it immediately when I saw her facial expressions – Eh, 
that was absolutely not Shin Hye. The Shin Hye I know is a very happy and 
humorous person. During the award show, she was also very down.
PSH: Yeah, my health was very bad at that time. I was so tired that 
I was dehydrated. Even on the morning of the award show I was still 
in the hospital.
JGS: At that time I was really worried about Shin Hye’s health.
PSH: But now I’m healed – hehe.
Mook: The duo is different from Hong Ki and Yong Hwa, as it was the 
first time for you to become singers. How did you feel?
JGS: For an individual artist, everything is decided between me and my 
manager, appearance design, hairstyle, etc. But for a band, 
one can strive together with band members. The feeling was peculiar. 
Like in an interview, I couldn’t just say what I think, but need to 
cooperate with others and come up with a “group” answer. Everything 
discussed together to give answers. I like this kind of feeling. 
Oh and I like it when everyone lived together.
PSH: Right, right, and our dorm. Everyone lived together, including 
our managers.
JGS: When we were waiting for the filming to start, we would discuss 
what we would eat later. It was really happy! There weren’t any dull 
moments, and time passed really quickly.
PSH: At that time because everyone was around, I felt much support 
from them, and I told myself that I needed to work hard!
JGS: At first I thought that we were just a popular band in a drama, 
but one day during an outdoors shooting, people were yelling, 
“Wow! ANJELL!” From that moment onwards I felt the attractiveness of 
bands, and I started to think of myself as a real ANJELL member.
PSH: Yes usually people called us, “Jang Geun Suk! Park Shin Hye!” 
Suddenly we were being called, “ANJELL!” At first I was also not u
sed to it.
JGS: I thought: “Hm, have I really become a really popular idol?” Haha.
Mook: Many people have suggested You’re Beautiful Season 2. If it 
is confirmed that there will be a season 2 will you two still star in it?
PSH: It’s very hard to say. If the original cast agrees to star
in it, then I will.
JGS: There are a lot of wonderful ANJELL memories from You’re 
Beautiful. Too much to talk about in such a short interview. 
If it fits my schedule, I will certainly star in Season 2 if there is one.



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