To See Is To Believe

And now, I see, I now believe. I started believing when I saw it way back of December 2005. 2005 is the year when my grandfather died.

I was left alone in the middle of the dawn in the second floor of our old ancestral house at Laguna. My mom went downstairs to prepare herself for Simbang Gabi.

After a minute, I heard screeching sounds, seems like there is someone walking towards me. Footsteps is all I can hear at that time. I tried to find where it is but I can’t see anything.

As I turn my face to the left, I saw someone standing, staring at me at that moment. Definitely he is my grandfather. I was so shocked and I felt that there is someone who hugged me from behind.

I called my mom for help. I told her everything. I doubt her from believing me.

With that, I started seeing him especially if there is a reunion with the family of my mother side. And seems like I get used to it.






The picture above is not mine.

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