The Legend of a Pen

As we all know, in the past centuries, people used to use chicken feathers and an ink in able for them to write. But don’t you think that dipping the feather to the ink every minute is very tiring, especially if you are a writer.

That is why, a wise, lazy old man, also a writer thought of making the feather and ink stuff more convenient.

One day, in his very messy room, he found a tip and a tube. At that very moment, he thinks of an invention that will use all the things he found. He put the ink in the tube and he sealed it with the tip. Voila! His invention made him famous, not only in his city, but also in the world.

His invention is very amazing because it really helped all the people especially the writers who used to write using the feather and an ink. Until now, it is widely used.






The picture above is not mine.

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