The End

Seeing Angel of Death take away a life from someone I knew is a very palm-sweating moment of my life. And yes, I do, I saw it.

In the middle of dawn, hearing unusual tones of voices is very awakening. That is why; I rushed downstairs to see what is going on. Seeing my Mom and Dad rushing things of my grandmother gave me goose bumps because I know there is something wrong.

All of a sudden, I see myself standing at the emergency room at the Makati Medical Center; I was looking to all of the hospital staff who is in a rush assisting my grandmother. They gave her medication that should be done first, like checking her blood pressure and her pulse rate. The nurse started to ask questions to my parents about my grandmother, and I was just staring at them, feeling empty of what is happening.

After 30 minutes, my grandmother is now confined, so that the doctors can easily monitor her condition. She was still sleeping when I was left alone because my parents need to settle down the hospital bills.

Then she woke up, I was startled because I was very serious at that moment. I came to her and ask if she needs anything, she just give me a sign that she needs water, so I get water for her to drink. I helped her in drinking because she is having a hard time drinking the water.

Then my parents came, they are not looking fine about the bills because in that time we are having a problem about money. After a long silence in the room, my grandmother moaned, seems to be asking for something, so we went next to her. We are just staring at her waiting for her response.

The doctor came in to check her, he said that my grandmother will be okay, and it gave us all a relief, then the doctor left.

After looking after her for 3 hours, she moaned again, giving a sign that we should move near to her, so we did. I stared at her for a moment, and all of a sudden, all of the memories we shared just popped out of my mind. As I go back to the reality after remembering the memories, I knew, it’s time. I saw how she takes her last breath while crying with her closed eyes.

She leaves us with our tears in our eyes because she’s gone, not only for one day, not for one week, not for one month, not for one year, but for forever.


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