Short Story: The Blessing

Once there is a newlywed named Leo and Joan. After their honeymoon, Leo decided to take Joan to the province.

After sitting for 8 hours in the train, Joan asked;

“Are we there yet?”

“You’ll see.” Leo answered.

Then they arrived at Leo’s big ancestral house. Lolo Syato and the other grandchildren of him welcomed them with strange looks from their eyes.

Leo said to Lolo Syato: “Lolo, we are here for your blessing, I know it’s too late because things seems to be very fast.”

“We’ll see if she can pass my challenges to be your wife.” Lolo Syato said to Leo.

Days passed, and seem that Joan is having a hard time because Lolo Syato always commands Joan to do the household chores, like harvesting fruits and vegetables washing of clothes and cleaning the whole bid ancestral house.

While Joan is having a break with Leo, Joan said, “I’m leaving! I can’t do this anymore. Seems like Lolo Syato don’t like me to be your wife.”

“It was just three days, then you’re going to give up. I am his very first grandchild that is why he cares for me a lot. He insisted before that he will be the one to choose my wife, but then, I chose you!” Leo explained then he left.

That conversation gave Joan a realization, so she said to herself, “I can do this! Leo chose me!”

After that, Joan gives her 101% of effort in the duties that Lolo Syato commands.

At the following week, it comes to the day that Leo and Joan needs to go back to the city. So they asked Lolo Syato about the blessing.

“Lolo Syato, we are going back to the city tomorrow. How about your blessing for

Joan?” Leo asked calmly.

“I will think about it.” Lolo Syato said.

With that, Joan is very shocked and nervous about what will be the result of her hard work.

The day came, Joan and Leo is all packed up and ready to go. But before going out, Lolo Syato called the couple to sit for a while and have a talk with him.

“At first, I really don’t like you to be Leo’s wife, but then, I see your perseverance and hard work with my challenges to you. So now, I will give you my blessing.” Lolo Syato said while handling an amulet to Joan.

Leo and Joan were very happy regarding what Lolo Syato said. So they left the house with big smiles on their faces.






The picture above is not mine.

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