Pros and Cons of an Early Relationship

Having an “In a Relationship” status is a big responsibility especially for teens. But like all other things or situation, it has its pros and cons.

Let’s have first the advantage.

Involving in an early relationship is good because it serves as an inspiration, which encourage you to do your best, for instance, an inspiration to do well in studying.

Seeing your partner’s early good morning message sends you a positive energy and good vibes for the whole day.

Having an early relationship proves that you are comfortable with the members of the opposite sex.

You can also gain more friends, friends of your partner and friends of friends. You have the opportunity also to encounter different types of people.

And lastly, if your parents knew about your partner, it shows that you have an open relationship with them, that you are free to talk about him and that you can bring your partner to your house to have a bonding time with your family.

Secondly, the disadvantages of an early relationship.

Early relationship may lead to distractions at studies. Teens are tempted to skip class just to be on a date with their partners.

When partners ask to prove your love to them, most of the time it leads to sex then results to an early pregnancy.

Like all other things, it has its end, so when break up comes along the way, total depression is on its way also. Especially if he/she is truly, madly, deeply in love with his/her partner. Most of it, girls are the one who suffers this.

And lastly, if the parents don’t know about the relationship, teens tend to escape in their house from their parents just to have a date with their partners.







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