Fable: The Lizard and the Chameleon

Once upon a time, at the highest mountain of the Philippines, there is a red – shiny lizard that always makes fun with the chameleon because of its changing color.

            The lizard is very proud of his red-shiny skin color because he always think that he stand the best, and because of what the lizard to the chameleon, chameleon’s confidence as at the bottom of forever.

Then one day, a group of hunters enter their mountain kingdom. They are looking for animals like rabbits, snakes, birds, lizards and chameleons. The whole animals and kingdom is at danger. All of the animals run for their lives. The rabbits hopped going to the caves, while snakes hid at the tree’s branches, and birds flew away. But the lizard cannot hid everywhere because of his red-shiny skin color that catches everyone’s attention. So the hunters catched him. On the other hand, hunters cannot find the chameleon because chameleons can adopt its color to things it sticked to.

So in the end, chameleon survives.


  • Don’t be too proud of yourself.
  • Don’t judge others by their appearances.






The picture above is not mine.

credits to: www.google.com


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